Restaurant with view of Lake Maggiore

Savour zero-kilometre dishes

Reflected in the lake, it entrances your palate. Be captivated by flavour, only at Tiffany.

Amid the stillness, caressed by the sun and lake breezes, in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, our “Tiffany” restaurant is ready to serve you lunch and dinner every day. In our philosophy, cuisine is a way to express life, and as such is never static, but an endless process of learning and developing. We like to play with flavours, mixing different Mediterranean products and creating new combinations to enhance unique flavours and tempt the palates of our guests.

Constant pursuit of innovation means the same dish may well undergo changes in the course of time, but tradition and the uniqueness of flavours ae never forgotten. We like to follow our own instinct, without precise rules, and take our ideas from what surrounds us. Our chef is a great believer in flavours that are fresh and wholesome, but never too elaborate, so as not to lose the essence of each individual ingredient.

You will taste zero-kilometre dishes: cold cuts such as bresaola and goat leg ham, cheeses like gorgonzola and goats cheese, and trout, pike and perch fished from the lake and served in a wide variety of ways, all accompanied by fine wines. Those with a sweet tooth should not miss our honey and cakes, from amaretti to bread cakes.

Our cuisine enhances the best our area has to offer, using seasonal produce and playing with the different flavours that come with each season, all paired with fine wines

Culinary art and a passion for food await you if you want to enjoy great flavours in a captivating setting.


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