Bike Hotel on Lake Maggiore: for real enthusiasts!

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What better way to discover our territory, to visit new places and to live an unusual holiday other than riding a bicycle?
Whether it is about exciting mountain bike trails or relaxing lakefront bike rides, Lake Maggiore, Varese Lake and other basins in the area offer wonderful itineraries by bicycle, among splendid landscapes and culture.
Our aim is to give you suggestions, solutions and bike-friendly services in order to plan your unforgettable cycling tour!
Lake Maggiore is one of the most beautiful lake in Italy. It is a true historical and landscaping gem. A territory full of attractions to be discovered in depth in order to know every angles and hidden beauties.
A lively territory, rich in history and traditions that make the villages and towns along the shores destinations of absolute value for a unique travel experience. There are several cultural attractions such as the Castle of Masnago, the Rocca di Angera and the Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso. All in a natural and landscape context of rare charm.
The mountains surrounding Lake Maggiore to the north act as a shield, giving a mild climate, with the hills and valleys all around which represent one of the greenest areas of the Italian peninsula. An impetuous nature that can be admired from the many panoramic viewpoints on the lake, such as the hermitages, sanctuaries and castles overlooking the large lake basin.
First of all, it is a landscape rich in water and with lots of greenery. The area of Varese extends from the foothills of the Prealps to the plain, including a series of lakes of different sizes: from Varese Lake to Monate Lake, to Comabbio Lake.
There are also numerous streams, between rivers and creeks, which line the territory: Olona, Ticino and Tresa, just to mention the most important names. The particular morphology of the territory creates small and wide valleys, among which the Val Veddasca, the Dumentina, the Valcuvia, the Valtravaglia, the Valganna, the Marchirolo and the Valceresio. Beautiful natural landscapes to explore by bike, also discovering the many villas with beautiful gardens.
But the attractions of the Varese area do not end here. We are in fact talking about a province with several protected sites; in particular there are four Unesco World Heritage Sites. Monte San Giorgio, a very important testimony of the evolution of the Earth, thanks to the thousands of fossil remains found. The Sacro Monte with the 14 splendid votive chapels that lead the visitor to the sanctuary. The pile dwelling site that is part of the larger complex of “The Alpine stilts”. And finally the Castrum of Castelseprio, with its walls where one of the most interesting medieval pictorial texts is still preserved.
Having said that, the city of Varese is certainly worth a visit, a real “garden city” thanks to the Palazzo and Estense gardens and the park of Villa Mirabello with its centenary trees, Villa Panza and many other important testimonies between history and art.



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