An eco-friendly holiday on Lake Maggiore

We at Camin Hotel love and respect the environment, and would like you to experience an ecologically sustainable holiday.
To this end, on arrival you will find a number of TESLA electric vehicle chargers. Ours is the only hotel on Lake Maggiore equipped with a charging station.

As an eco-hotel we encourage guests to choose a “green holiday”, starting from the journey, by providing the facilities needed by those travelling by electric car. Here, even away from home, you can travel around without worrying about charging your vehicle, and visit the stunning places surrounding Colmegna and the lake.

We have also taken measures to promote environmental sustainability by eliminating disposable plastic items, such as glasses, straws and cutlery and single-dose bath products, such as shampoo and soap vials.
And we advise guests to reuse towels for several days before requesting a change.